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Double Exp Deletion's
I don't know how about ur bots but in this few day's i got about 10 deletes, me friend also, and i know many ppl have same. Usually i get 1 ban per few months. Did u get some deletes also???????
Cipsoft changed the way to punish players who use the bot
What you mean "changed"?
yea what does it mean?
Much more deletes for mc , auto heal , 1 guy used only hud to check loot and banned too.
I lost only 1 Kina 80 last time
0 bans Big Grin!
boting with 40 accs all week :3
lol if he had hud he had to have looter also xD
(04-07-2015, 03:25 PM)Preze$ Wrote: lol if he had hud he had to have looter also xD

hud mean to show loot only..
what drop from mob after kill..
when I exp hardcore with ex. thunders on frosts I dont colect gp
so its waste of time look into all bodys for rare or check server log
aAAA so only "recent loot" u mean??
I know i also don't pick gp when i exp manually xD
idk how it's exactly name of it but u know what I mean.
only yo show what dropped..
so now I rly don't know how they deleting..
I'm now making a test 0-100 only bot, without MC, places with 0 people on not crowded server. Will see when I'll get my char moved to deletera Smile anyways - lost all 32 acc with 40-60 kinas and pallys...
U can get delete without report also. I bot in hellgate on low pop server so it's impossible get report and I lost that Kina but I wish u the best. My highest lvl bot char is 262 ek full bot non stop and I sold that Kina and he is still exist. Now I got 140 and 160 ed also full bot still exist when till 200 wont get delete I gona sell them
xxxD i am making test i created few fake acc and made them mass reports will see when they go to deletera.
My enemys doing it they keep usually 20-30 chars in boat or dp thais.
When I mailed to tibia support about my ban they told me they can't delete only by reports
nach they lie, they ban only for reports...
I don't use my bots since week (don't take part in double exp) and all alive Smile
Im lucky this time ufff Big Grin
I'm never deleted xD, so you need take a nap of many bots for one day or two days.
If you over stamina, take a nap just if you dont wanna take deleted.
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bro i have 4 sets of character's xD
1st set of 40 chars bot 10-22
2nd set also fo 40 bot 22-10
next they they rest and in that time set 3 and 4 bot like 1st and 2nd
I usually have stamina
0 deletions but in my team almost everyone resived deletion on makers
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