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Auto Party
Is it possible to develop a script to invite everyone who appears on the screen and say "PT" in the chat?
[macro]1 {AutoParty} When.PlayerMessage(Invite, pt) Exit() {Invite} AuthorID:=Creature.ByName(!Message.Author.Name) !AuthorID<>0 HUD.Display(AutoParty triggered for !Message.Author.Name \(!Message.Author.Level\) with id !AuthorID) Party.Status(!AuthorID)==:None HUD.Display(AutoParty inviting !Message.Author.Name \(!Message.Author.Level\) with id !AuthorID) Party.Invite(!AuthorID) [/macro]
it would be possible when the character appears on the screen and speak pt to the party leader, this party leader check the level of that character before inviting?
if it is below a specific level the leader will not leave the party

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