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Conjure Arrow/Bolt

Guys, I'm looking for a macro to conjure diamond arrow or spectral bolt, but only conjure when I'm with less than 100 arrows with me.

I need something like that, but with a "if"

300000 {Bolt} Self.Say(exevo gran con vis)


Pessoal, estou atrás de um macro para conjurar diamond arrow ou spectral bolt, mas somente quando tiver menos de 100 arrows/bolt comigo.

Preciso de algo parecido com isso, mas com o if para checar...

300000 {Bolt} Self.Say(exevo gran con vis)
Self.Say(exevo gran con vis)

Try it
[Image: sGmYH7p.png]

(11-03-2020, 11:11 AM)Seeken Wrote: AMMO:=Self.Inventory.Ammunition.Count()
Self.Say(exevo gran con vis)

Try it

Didn't work...

I forgot to mention. In server that I play, they already implemented the Quiver, is a BP in off hand where I put all the arrows/bolts.

I can count itens inside a specific BP?
I know this is a bit of a necro post, but thought I'd reply here anyway in case anybody searches the forums looking for an answer, as I had to figure this out myself.
The reason the above did not work is because it is counting the number of ammunition currently in the ammo slot, therefore activating every time.

The correct function to use would be: Misc.ItemCountEx(itemID)   This will check the count for the specified item ID in all open backpacks.
A macro to cast create diamond arrow when less than 200 remain is:

Self.Say(exevo gran con hur)

You can of course adjust the itemID and the spell for spectral bolts.

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