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[Tibia 10.98 Bbot 86.0] Bug on "Mana tools" and "Mana Restore"
Hello guys,

So idk what's going on, but since I started using Bbot again (on tibia version 10.98) it works really good EXCEPT for the most important thing for a mage... The "Mana Tools" on "Mana Restore".

I already tried a lot of stuff and still doesnt work. Basically it does not matter if i put MP, SMP or GMP, neither numbers of mana to recover or percentage, the Bbot just dont make it, everything else its fine.

If any of you have the same problem or know how to solve, please tell me!!

Have a nice day and game Smile


Can you take a screenshot of how you set it up? This is new, I have not seen it

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