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Attack Sequences & Advanced Attack
This Area Shot is safe when player is on screen? or need to make any macro for that? i want make ava/gfb script
If you don't check [x] Players, it won't attack when a player is on the area shoot. Also Killer 'Never attack players' affect these settings.
If you put wait in sequence. Bot will stop all attacks with spells, for example have 2 sequences. One with exori ico and other one with exori gran ico. If you put wait 8000 in gran ico, exori ico will stop aswell
do 2 different sequences or use like that
exori hur
wait 2000
exori gran ico
wait 2000
exori ico
wait 2000

1. You receive the message: Missing attack sequence "Manage Attack Sequences" required by... What I do?
You need to upgrade your attack sequences. To do this, follow the tutorial.
I have a problem!
Necessary to attack the monsters from afar, but when active advanced attack it is close monster. How do I attack him from afar? for example with exori flam
I have problem also.

I want exori frigo minotaur when minotaur health is from 0 to 70% if its more than >70% dont exori frigo....

In Advanced attack >Requirments> Target HP 0 to 70%

And it doesnt say any spells... only wand it... I don't see where is the problem.. why doesnt it says exori frigo? I added exori frigo wait 100 ms and it doesnt do anything.. please help me Smile
someone can update??
(10-29-2017, 08:34 PM)kwb2007 Wrote: someone can update??

You need help with somethin'?
Is there any way to add rule to use area spell only if character hp is more than x?
so im triyng to make it shoot gfb when more than 3 mosnters but its not using it.... ive marked monsters put radius 7 min monsters 3 put it first priority and nothing.
Have similar problem. Is there any updated tutorial? I try to shoot sd/ava to monsters but my "kiler" only atack monster from the wand.
You do something wrong. I remember when i was doin it on spike script for 500 ed on hexera and everything was workin well.
You need to make all things you want bot to check in macros and base them on variables and than just write in check in sequence the value of this variable. i can show you my script from hexera and you will see

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