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Beginning In The BBot
Wow, I want this bot, but how I do this?

Keep calm my little guys, uncle Dexter will help you. Big Grin

I started this tutorial assuming that at least the account on the official website you already have and also a premium account.

Downloading BBot:

1) First, access you account on the official website.

[Image: 25sbw9e.jpg]

  1. Enter your e-mail.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Just click and done!
2) Once you have accessed your account, a screen like the one below will appear, if you have a premium account activated. Two options to download will appear:

[Image: 2jac3zr.jpg]
  1. First option to download is in the format .7-zip
  2. Second option to download is in the format .zip
3) Once you have chosen the option to download, simply click the right mouse button on it, wait for the window to save appear, and save the file to your desktop.

Note: For both options, you need a program like Winrar or 7-Zip for extract the files.

Extracting the Files:

4) After saving the file to your desktop, it should be like the image below:

[Image: 6tpg95.jpg]

5) Once the file being on your desktop, click the right mouse button on it and select Extract to BBot-7.x

6) After that, you'll have a folder called BBot-7.0 on your desktop, as shown in the image below:

[Image: 20frpc6.jpg]

Inside the BBot's Folder:

7) When you open the folder BBot-7.x, find 2 folders and 3 files, as follows:
  • [Image: folder.png] Configs - Location where you will save all the .bbot files (scripts/waypoints)
  • [Image: folder.png] Data - Location where all your data and bbot's data will be saved (login, newitens.txt, Alert.wav, etc)
  • [Image: DLL.jpg] 7za.dll - Dynamic Link Library of bbot. Necessary for proper functioning.
  • [Image: DLL.jpg] BDll.dll - Dynamic Link Library of bbot. Necessary for proper functioning.
  • [Image: 33ynof9.jpg] BMega.exe - BBot's executable
Saving My Scripts:

8) You can use scripts created by you or created by someone else. This will happen in two hipotses:
  • First, your scritp is automatically saved in the folder configs if you have created.
  • Second, if you downloaded the script of the official forum or bought from someone, you have to save this script in the folder Configs to be able to use it. See below how to save:
Running the BMega.exe for the first time:

9) To run it, simply double-click with the right mouse button.

Note: Who has windows vista/7/8 need to run it as administrator.

The first time you run it, a window will appear as shown in the image below:

[Image: dfgbgy.jpg]
  • E-mail: Enter the email address to access the official website.
  • Password: enter the password to access the official website.
  • Tibia Version: Select the appropriate version of the tibia.
  • MC: Click, configure and can use multiple tibia clients at the same time. See the picture below:

    [Image: 21ce82h.jpg]
    • Name: Name of registry. Eg: Tibia
    • File: Just click on the [...] button, search and select tibia.exe
    • Param: The principle can be used one of the three following parameters:
      • engine 0: Load the Directx 5 automatically.
      • engine 1: Load the OpenGL automatically.
      • engine 2: Load the Directx 9 automatically.
    • Button Register: After all set, press this button.
  • Button Login: Just click this button and the BMega.exe will be connected with your account. One image like below will appear:

    [Image: 9j3wvq.jpg]

    Just click on the "Not Connected" name and done, your BMega.exe will be running as shown in image below:

    [Image: 30rwpd2.jpg]

Loading My Scripts:

to be continued...
How do i load a script lol :d?
ye how to load a script ??? ..
go paste BBot > Configs and paste script download here and start the bot go Setting > Load and load your script.
Please Give me Rep+ if i helped you !

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