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What script do you need?
It would be amazing if some1 took their time to change some of the ek scripts at yalahar mutaded human into a RP script
Or made a new one.

And yes im talking about 101% afk
with depo, refill etc.

this forum is all about eks almost :p
I need a Sea Serpent Script Im EK lvl 130 with good skills and equipment, please Dexter make it. Please answer. Thank you. Smile
(04-26-2013, 12:19 AM)Beto V Wrote: I need a Sea Serpent Script Im EK lvl 130 with good skills and equipment, please Dexter make it. Please answer. Thank you. Smile

Look this post.
Please Give me Rep+ if i helped you !
Need femor hills goblins with the power ring quest floor hunting.
Please. I need script laguna tortoises (-1, -2) with depositer. have one in forum, but character stop walking in tortoise portal
some rp and mage scripts, almost every script in this forum is for ek..

Lacking some scripts 80+ on mage and rp
(09-16-2012, 05:52 PM)Dexter Wrote: What script do you need?

Vote in the poll and tell us the level!

Hello im looking for a script for a Royal Paladin on Yalahar for nomads, valkyrie and assasins all together with royal spear refiller and mana potion.
i would like that when he has below 5 royal or 5mana portion go back to dp and buy up to 20mana and 20royal and deposit.
lvl 30
Thanks a lot !!
Potrzebuje scrypta na Swamp Trolle Venore.
Depositer i Bankier
Chce aby zbieral: Medicine Pouch, Swamp Grass, Swamp Green, Bat Wing, Lump of Dirt.
Z gory Dzieki !
Daje reputa za scrypta na jakies watery druid
For 38 sorcerer with pacc.
Hey, I need one script to train my magic lv.
The char will be at my house and I have lots of mana pots in purple bps.
I need that the char gets 800 mps and use exura vita, when he finish all 800 he go to the purple bps again that will be on the housefloor, and grab more 800 mps and use it again. I just dont know If its possible to make one script like that, but If possible, I'd appreciate! Smile
Hi, good night.

You can help me? i hunting Corym in PH... But is more boring to me going to venore to sell all loot in my hand Smile

I request one script to sell itens (Corym) in Rafzan...
My all loot in DP venore, the script -> take all loot in dp and full cap go to npc Rafzan and sell itens??
Have one script existing now?


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