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Request scripts from Oscar
alguem tem script de frost giant? oscar voce tem??
*Level: 24
*Place: Dark Cathedral, not to far down.
*Required equiqment: Crusader Helmet, Knight Armor, Knight Legs, Fur Boots, Crown shield, Knight axe
*Refiller?: Yes, want to have about 30 health potions, do not buy more potions unless <15 left.
*Depositer? Yes, leave spawn when <50 cap.
Loot gold and rare drops, want the script to leave raredrops in depot.
(If possible i would like the bot to create a lootbag..)
Hi ppls nd Oscar!

Level: 45 ek
place:anywhere i just want level
Required equipment Knight set Fire axe Madusa Shield
Refiller : yes refill when 20 hpots left
Depositer yes withdraw 7k for pots
Leave spawn when <80 in cap
Buypots max 100hp100 mp /

no mutatedss of yala plz its full of boters

make it when u can please Smile
Hello Oscar!
Level: 55 ek
place:minotaurs yalahar- kills WHOLE spawn.
Required equipment dsm, zoan legs, demon helmet, mss, assasin dagger, p-ammy, boh
Refiller : yes refill when 20 hpots left
Depositer yes withdraw money for pots, deposit all
Leave spawn when <40 cap, <30mp, <10shp
Buypots 20 shp, 120 mp.
* Level: 200 Royal Paladin
* Place : Ghastly Dragons Farmine
* Required equipment
Elite Draken Helmet
Divine Plate
Yalahari Leg Piece
Mastermind Shield
Koshei amulet
* Refiller? no
* Depositer? no
Need script for ED, soils Edron. My level is 130. I need full-afk script.

EDIT: Already I did it by myself.
gg soils ;]
[Image: acceleratorbyfenx07d5cr.png]
oscar tell me please where can I to go exp with paladin 80lvl 92/77 skill?
* Level: 145
* Place: Pirates on Nargor
* Required equipment: [Image: eq.jpg]
* Refiller?: Dont Need
* Depositer?: Dont Need(is just for addon items&task)
Oh.. btw... I wont use this bot anymore, I am using a different one, I wont tell you which one because I don't want to make the staff angry.

And by that:
* I wont update my scripts
* I wont upload anymore scripts

But I will keep my advancement thread alive!
Please give me reputation if I helped you!

EK Project ~ By Oscar ツ
★Scripts By Oscar★

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