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╠ BBot Macros ╣
Hello, looking for some help:
Self.Mana%()>80 [jump] Creatures.ByName(NAME)>1 [jump] Self.Say(exori min flam)

If Mana bigger then 80% and the creature it's getting atack - cast the spell...

but I can't make it works, what happens?
where I put the macro? Atack Sequence, Auto Macro, On Atack or After Atack???

please help me, thx
Preciso de um macro para usar exura vita sempre que o life estiver com um numero de minha escolha
Tente este
1000 {Heal when Low Life%} Life%:=50 Self.Mana>160 Self.Say(exura vita)
Hello bro

thanks for Macros.

I have a question about the macro attacking creatures when they are many. For example, if you add 3 creatures there he will give exori but has to define which creatures? For the way to the cave can find weak animals and he exori use them.
I search macro when my character stay 10 secount deactivates and activities cavebot
Thanks, and no problem Smile.
I'm sorry for my English. I didn't even study this in school.
If my post was helpful, give the reputation.
(07-13-2014, 12:18 PM)Avanrel Wrote:

Thanks, I give u reput !
im looking for macro to say exevo mas san when 3 monsters around but when player on screen bot attack exori con, probabely its somewhere in this thread but cant find it ;(
need macro to change worn soft boots to new
hey, i need some like that: when behemoth is on the screen then alarm.
i need it for liberty bay wyrms Wink maybe u have better ideas? Smile
200 {behe alarm} Creatures.OnScreen(Behemoth)>=1 [jump] Exit() {jump} Misc.Alert(Behemoth!!)
I'm trying HELP You guys, make me favour and press this /\ green button with REP+, this keeping me with helping You.
I don't know if this thread is still alive and if anyone can help me but this is what I need.

If out of SDs, use exori max frigo on Dragon Lords.
Could anyone help me out with that one?
I have a problem because I do not know why but it turns me all the time red mode is energized instead of fly on green .. is this some marco or something?
plz, a macro thar resize/minimize the backpacks, the options (minimize) in "basic functions, jus not work for me, anda i dont why not.

I need a macro that does this;

If Attacked by a player, use sds on target.
I'm not entirely sure how it will work but atm with the "allow attack player" it only hits with wand.
Need Macro to drop empty flasks.
(08-07-2014, 08:42 PM)Szaky Laky Wrote: Hey,
Need Macro to drop empty flasks.
You can use the Basic Function Drop Empty Vials.
Hello, I got macro like this... Hmm, my problem is then when i create Fixed Point, then Macro and watch...
Fixed Point > Character stand 5 sec, say hi, stand 1 sec, say some on the npc chat, follow npc <- This is action when i create this script
Quote:0 {Norf} id:=Creature.ByName(Norf) Creature.Follow(!id!) Macro.Wait(5000) Creature.Follow(!id!) Self.Say(Hi) Macro.Wait(5000) Self.Say(Hi) Macro.Wait(5000) NPC.Say(Spiritual Shielding) Macro.Wait(1000) Creature.Follow(!id!) NPC.Say(yes) Exit()

Any ideas for this?
I wanna try to follow always, when macro is enblade
sorry for my very bad english... ;x
Im looking for a script, when my other char reads me saying something, i want him to cast spell
hey, i need macro when bbot see 4 monsters use stealth ring
Can someone help me?

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