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Selling Tibia Account
Selling Tibia Account.
I am selling my tibia account because i am not longer feeling tibia is fun to play anymore.
The account have 11 Characters which are these levels:
111 Elder Druid (Aurea)
111 Elite Knight (Aurea)
96 Master Sorcerer (Aurea)
8 Paladin (Aurea, with high dist)
26 Sorcerer (Aurea, Normal magic level)
and some rook characters around 1-5~
I wish to have ATLEAST 45 euro for it, and i only accept paypal.
The characters have decent gears on all the high chars and around 2kk pure cash.
The account have a house in yalahar which are around 105 squaremeters big.
The account have in writing date 35 days remaining of premium.
Some expensive outfits and addons the higher characters have is:
Black Sheep
Full Warrior
Full Barbarian
Mage Wand
Full Noble
Full Citizen
and some other more shitty addons/mounts
I can only accept paypal, if you are going to buy or want some more information you can just reply my thread.
Regards Simon Smile

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