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[!]Map Click
I want to warn you all, I tried map click this night , left cpu working and went to sleep. I woke up, turned on screen and I saw my character in temple without any eq Tongue I though I was robbed but I checked bank account and everything was allright I lost around 50 lvl due being pked by noob chars. Dunno how that worked cuz I was botting on like 4 character on the list which have died by mob. Then bbot reconnected on first character on the list, that character died by a mob Tongue and what happen next is a big mistery for me. With waypoints from other character on other town he should stay in temple but he didnt. So be carefull with using map click, that didnt happen with step by step walk mode.

I have suggestion for everyone of those who extra care about first character of the list. I found myself that this idea could be very usefull in avoiding situation described above. Im thinking about creating new character named good enough to take first place in acc Smile shame i did it to late.
The only difference with the map click on, with regard to security, this option is easier to detect by CipSoft.
What may have caused it was the script.
How about you post the script you were using and the name of the chars?
Waypoints By Me [Here]

BBot functions/Funções do BBot [Here]
Ok so here is script I used.
And characters name are first Squalor Victoria, and second really messed up Abaris. Hope you would find cause of that situation, I'm using BBot 3 months already and that is really weird and hard to explain for me.

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.bbot   Script.bbot (Size: 17.33 KB / Downloads: 1)
Analyzing this script I dont see anything wrong, then I dont know what could have caused all this. But I can assure you it was not because the option Map Click because I use this option and never had any problems like this.
Waypoints By Me [Here]

BBot functions/Funções do BBot [Here]

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